Billion Star Bus Review From Kuala Lumpur To Singapore

Hello, this time i will telling you guys about my first experience using bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore :)

I'm So worried ! YES  ! First time using bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is my first experience, also i'm not going alone but with my customer i bring them using public transportation for the first time so you guys can imagine how worries I am at that time. From far days i'm searching experiene about using busses from Kuala Lumpur To Singapore and mostly they had ad experience with bus services :( BUT when i try y my self i feel different !

Firts i decided to buy ticket by online, so i decided using there are so many bus choices and in every stop. you can also download easybook apps in android or apple store :) using apps easier than in website so i suggest you to download this apps.

So many bus brand choices with timetable also different price and bus stop so you can choose what you want. That time i choose start from Berjaya Times Square Bus Stop at 6.05 am because i stay in Bukit Bintang and bus stop very near from my hotel. After that i choose Billion Stars Brand Bus who start from Berjaya and last destination is Lavender Singapore. I choose that bus without looking any information or review about that bus because i thought in Malaysia all busses is nice and good but in last time day-1 im start worried when i looking aout company review in google and mostly they said bad about review :((( and i'm worried so much after that i start looking for another brand bus review "smarttrans" if thus brand have a good review but sadly i already paid for Billion star :( that time im so confused and so mucch worried bcs looking review billion stars so much late and bus so bbad condition. Finally because im so worried and also i dont want got complain from customer so i deccided to booking smarttrans who have counter in front of  Berjaya Times Square and sure my money flying so much bbcs this worried :((

D-Day come and i reached bus stop at 5.30 am in front of berjaya times square, so i hold 2 kind of ticket, 1 Billion Stars Ticket and 1 Smarttrans. In Schedule it should be at 6 they come but in reality untill near 7 am no one of that bus coming on time i think they start at 7 am. I'am so shock when billion stars come first than Smarttrans so that time i choose to going with Billion stars Because i already have ticket :) aaand you know what out of my expectation when i come into bus i saw wow this Bus so LUXURIOUS !! 

 I feel soo different when i read review and i saw reality how can they said this Bus bad?? That so HOAX, i know reality and i'm so much happy with this bus, Driver also so nice they help me a lot :)))

I dont know how people write bad about this luxurious bus after this i will let you know about seater and how comfortable this bus. This bus have 2 and 1 seater complete with entertainment screen we can watch movvies, playing game and charge mobile in this sccreen also this seater provide massage choices in every seat , decline in all position very nice. we take 5 hours to reach Singapore very on time :))
I'm soo happy with this Bus, thankyou so much Billion Stars for this comfortable and luxurious bus !
Next time i will choose  this bus again:)) Kindly check my honest review about Billion stars on my youtube channnel Thankyou :))