Pakora Recipe How to Make Pakora in Easy Way! Delicious Pakora, Cara memubat pakora India

Im really exited to try Indian cooking Style :)  Like before, I try Biryani Chicken Rice as my first time, and now also my first Time in making Pakora Yeaaay ! Thanks to my someone who as my teacher and my chef :) He telling me how to cook Indian food everyday :))) now im really in  love with cooking mmuach :) Pakora is the one of famous snacks around Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh they really like eat this snacks specially for Ramadhan (ifthar) or in raining season. When u eat Pakora inraining season also with your couples hmmm then I am sure thats more delicious taste :)  I'll Share how to cook Pakora in My Style.

How to make pakora
Pakora In Nengdesy Style :)

To make Pakora u need vegetables, any vegetable u like u can use in Pakora. But original Pakora made from potato, but dont worry if u dont have potato u can changes with any other vegetables u like (Carrot, Corn, beans, eggplant,etc)

Ingredients of Pakora :

  •  Ground Flour or (Corn Flour + Wheat Flour)

Original Pakora also made from Ground Flour. Unfortunately in my country is not available for ground flour. If in your country have then very lucky :) If your cases same with me then dont worry we can changes ground flour with corn flour mix with wheat flour to have good result. 

  • Potato (or any vegetable u like)
You can put any vegetables u like as i told before. Cut into very small pieces

  • Onion (cut small pieces)
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Chilli Powder (optional)
  • Salt & Lil Sugar
  • Water

How To Make Pakora :

  1. Put 2 cups Ground flour or if using corn flour + wheat flour then make them (2:1)
  2. Add small pieces potato into flour
  3. Add Onion inside flour also
  4. Put on salt,chilli powder lilttle sugar 
  5. Add water and mix well , do not using water too much. Make sure not very watery also not too thicck. Until they mix well heat pan with medium oil
  6. When pan already heat up, Pakora batter ready to fry.
  7. Fried untill they changes into golden brown colour and make sure using medium fire, avoid burn also to make sure your vegetable well done :)
  8. Pakora ready to serve :)))
See ya in the next recipe :)